Make clickable links out of URLs in comments

Hi. I would like to see the URLs as clickable links in the comments. Thanks.

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In the meantime you may want to look for a “linkification” or “text to url” add-on for your browser. Firefox, at least, has a bunch. I guess I didn’t notice that Newsblur doesn’t do this since I run FF’s Text Link add-on.

I actually took out auto-linkification from stories because it made loading of pages awfully slow. It had to parse the content of every story, which is a slow business. I’d love to integrate it back in, but that’s hard. Maybe I’ll linkify comments as they come in, but when you edit the comment, I need to strip the link back out (and do this on the iPhone/iPad app as well). It’s complicated, which is why it hasn’t happened yet. It will, I hope.