Magnets crash NewsBlur on iPad

Magnet URLs (like for BitTorrent) from showRSS crash the embedded Safari browser, although they don’t crash real Safari. (Not sure if it’s just showRSS specific or not.)  If I double tap the article or click on the browser icon, the whole app crashes and I get dropped out to springboard.

On a related note, it’d be great if there was a way to copy just the URL of the current feed item; the existing Copy functionality returns both the name and URL.

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Got an example URL I can test?

Semi-related question: What are you doing with magnet links on an iPad? I’ve been looking long and hard at a solution to torrent from an iPad, but I haven’t found anything satisfactory, and am thus iPad-less.

Here’s what I get from using the Copy action: “The Blacklist 3x14 Lady Ambrosia 720p

I’m using my iPad to control uTorrent on another computer