Mac: Switch dark mode automatically with OS

The web app’s dark mode will use the system setting if it’s set to Auto within the app. Great! But let’s say the system setting switches over (I have my Mac switch over to Dark Mode after sunset), it won’t switch over unless you refresh. Other websites switch automatically without having to refresh. To replicate:

  • Load in a browser.
  • Visit System Preferences, then General.
  • Have the web app visible in the background.
  • Switch modes from one to another.
  • And do the same with other websites that you know have a dark and light mode based on system setting. Twitter is one of them.

What happens:

  • NewsBlur stays the at the same mode. A refresh is required to change to the system mode. I tested this Safari and Chrome.

Expected behaviour:

  • NewsBlur should automatically switch to the mode based on the system setting.

I have the mode setting set to Auto in the web app itself.

Whoops, looks like I broke it at the last minute. Just deployed a fix and it now should automatically switch. Thanks for catching this!

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Confirmed! Thanks!