Mac app

What’s the timeline on a native Mac app for newsBlur? I thought if you’d develop an iPad version of the NewsBlur app, you should basically have everything in place for a Mac version. Maybe you could even base the Mac app on the iPhone app with the list-based UI from the iPhone and maybe a panel sliding out for the story/original view?

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A Mac app is a ton of work for something that I feel already works pretty great on a web browser. I’d have to admit that there is no timeline for a Mac app, although with the API, it wouldn’t be impossible. I would just want to focus on either mobile (iPad/iPhone) or on new features for everybody (social, search, tags).

*If* all of those happen, and growth is where I want it to be and somehow this becomes a full-time job, then a Mac app would most certainly be on the horizon.

No problem at all. Maybe I will have a look into developing a Mac app in the summer, when I have more free time from my studies. Because of the API and your open-sourced iPhone app that should be fairly doable.

If you really want a Mac app, you could also look at something like Fluid or even MacGap: