Loving the new Android app

Glad to see oldest first -view on Android now, as well as many other useful additions and improvements.

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I agree, the new Android app is very nice :slight_smile:

I also agree. Much improved.

Much much better. I have now uninstalled Blar.

Thanks for the improvement.

And it’s going to continue getting better. This is only the first stable release. It will soon start getting all of the goodies from iOS (text view, better offline, faster loading).

It would be good if it had a column at the left showing subscribed feeds and to the right the list of stories of selected feed (just like gReader Pro).

Also, can you kindly add previous/next and back arrows (just like gReader Pro) so that they appear in each story?


I’ve played around with the iOS version and I really like all of it basically. If Android could mirror that of iOS it’d be fantastic.

Thank you for the update. Although I have a Premium account with NewsBlur, I was still using Feedly because the saved stories functionality (i.e., read saved stories, mark story as saved, etc.) worked on their mobile app and the NewsBlur Android app was buggy.

The Android app now provides enough functionality for me to completely ditch Feedly. Glad to be on NewsBlur full-time!

I looked at my phone just as the update was downloading/installing automatically. It was a nice surprise. Thanks!