Love, love, love Newsblur.

I’ve been using Google Reader (not loving it, but it did what I needed as a minimum.) When the announcement came about the end of GReader, I started researching new feed readers and BAM! Newsblur!

I love that I can choose to look at the story, feed or text within the feed, just by clicking a button instead of opening the story in a new window. FABULOUS!

Now I need to get my fingers in the mud and learn about the extra things I can do to make my job a little easier. I publish a weekly information security news roundup and was using IFTTT to auto’magically’ publish exact snippits of stuff from a story feed to a temporary (and well hidden) blogger blog, then copy that to paste to word. I format my newsletter from there (make it pretty, make sure the feed is enough information to get the gist of the story, swap out the rss URL to the real URL, and then place in a template and then email it out. Between reading 300+ articles a week, and the rest of the process, I was spending about 20 hours a week.

I bet that I might be able to accomplish something similar (and better) with blurblog and instead of emailing the newsletter, just send folks to the blurblog. I also need to continue to post individual stories to my google+ feed (that’s where IFTTT came in handy, did several things at once). I’m going to make it my mission to figure all of this out this week! :slight_smile:

Again, great job on this ‘more than a’ feedreader. Makes me glad that google reader is going away, and I was MORE than happy to pay for the premium account. :slight_smile:

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