Lots of feeds just disappeared

I’ve been trying to migrate over from Reader and decided to add all my feeds manually, as the import option didn’t quite work out that well. However, now something like 10-20 feeds from about 5 folders have simply disappeared after I added them and refreshed the page.

Is this due to the load and will the disappeared feeds re-appear again, or do I have to re-add everything manually again? And how can I be sure that this won’t happen in the future? I’ve also noticed that moving folders sometimes takes multiple tries as well. The UI seems to indicate changes even before they’re actually made server-side. For a paid service, this is really frustrating.

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For me, I’ve created a folder about 2 hours ago, moved some feeds there and now it’s poof – gone. The feeds, I still have them, thankfully.

I’ve noticed that if I click on the “You subscribed to” links in my activity feed, the feeds will temporarily re-appear, but disappear again as soon as I select another feed or folder. If I re-subscribe they similarly re-appear but disappear again when not selected. Only solution is to move them to a different folder, which I obviously don’t want to do. This makes NewsBlur unusable for now. Is there any way to solve this?

EDIT: I was just stupid and had selected the option to only show unread feeds and folders. I guess that button isn’t the most obvious. Anyway sorry for creating this topic, problem solved!