Lost feeds after trying to rename folders

In an attempt to merge folders, I tried giving them the same name. This confused NewsBlur apparently, and it started only acting on one of the two folders, as if it couldn’t tell them apart. I then tried moving one folder to another location in the folder structure, but only one folder of the two remained afterwards. I looked through the downloaded OPML afterwards, and the feeds in the missing folder do seem to be gone. (I didn’t download it beforehand, unfortunately.)

It’s pretty bad for an RSS site to drop content without being explicitly deleted, is it possible for my missing feeds to be restored?

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Absolutely, I can restore folders. However, I did just add a feature that emails you your OPML file when you delete a folder. But when you name two folders the same thing, they overwrite each other. I should probably add in a failsafe for this case. What’s your username?

Yeah, I saw that feature mentioned, sounds good. But I guess since this is more of a lost-folder issue, it didn’t quite kick in that function? My username is ‘doktorJung’, thanks!

Email sent. Sorry about the bug!

Thanks for the help recovering my feeds! Hope the feedback about the bug is useful as well. Importing the backup resulted in duplicate folders, so I cleared out all my feeds and re-imported. I had a 2-level deep folder structure, and it didn’t duplicate the upper-level folders, so perhaps the import on merge only works on the top level? Looks like it remembered which entries were read though, so that’s nice. I’ll see if I have to re-train the existing feeds, but that should be manageable.