Lost entire folder on newsblur!

Somehow lost entire folder on Newsblur (quite big one, and don’t have a backup…) - probably when had a period of expired premium. Need an assistance from tech support!

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Just to start, no folder is ever lost. I have backups, and even when you accidentally delete a folder, you are emailed a backup.

In this case, if you went from premium -> free, your folder is probably just hidden. Go to Manage > Mute Feeds (Choose Your 64). You might find it there.

thanks, that helped! would be nice if they’ll automatically turn (back) on after renewing premium, though! I was scared to death :slight_smile:

They should! I just changed that code last week. Thing is, muting feeds uses the same mechanism as the choose your 64 feed limiter. So when you switch from free to premium, all of your feeds should be re-enabled. Why it didn’t happen in your case I’m not sure.