Losing window focus and then returning causes article to be marked as read and refreshed away.

If the newblur tab in Chrome loses focus for another window and then returns the article disappears.  

When the tab with newsblur gets focus again and the mouse is used (scroll wheel) the article gets marked as read and then the page refreshes.  If the view is set to show unread only this means the article cannot be read until the feed is refreshed and the article is opened from the read status.

I read all articles showing unread only.  So when the page refreshes I have to show the unread to get back to the article.  It’s a real pain.

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The page shouldn’t refresh, so we’ll need to get to the bottom of this. Tell me, if you resize the window, does it give the same result of losing your story?

Yes.  I went from max size to restore size and still had the same result.  

I really appreciate you looking into this.  I really like newblur.  

So there’s something about the resize event that’s causing you to lose your place. Do me a favor and take two full browser screenshots: one right before you resize and one right after. I should be able to nail down what’s happening from there. Make sure I can see the entire site.