Lose second to last item in Android client.

While browsing with the Android client, anytime I’m looking at a list from a feed or folder, it will refresh on the second to last item. It then clears out all of the read items in the list, and leaves me with the last item which is now at the top of the new list. It’s really frustrating, because I then lose the second to last item, and there’s no way to get it back without browsing through all items, and with folders I’m not always certain which feed the item was part of before it clears. I’m running the latest build of Newsblur, and I’ve got a Galaxy S4 running Cyanogenmod.


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Are you in unread-only mode or all-stories? Do you see this while just flicking thru stories left to right, or are you backing out to the story list?

Also, do you know which numbered version are you running?