Looking for FAQ/Github/Forum links on dashboard

Note: somehow, i cannot not see this Topic that i posted some hours ago.

On NB Dashboard, why is there -

  • No Help Link
  • No Forum Link
  • No FAQ link
  • no Github link
  • no API link

It’s at the bottom of the dashboard. All of those links are at the bottom of the dashboard. The forum is linked at the top.

oh. ok. checking thank you.

OK! Now I see them ‘in plain sight’ sort of.

Any chance of moving them to TOP?

Or at least changing the colour to Bt Blue or Red?

At the moment they just sort of fade into the bg. As evidenced by the fact that i didn’t see them there in plain sight.

Ok. Ok. Looking at the Dashboard format, leave on the bottom is best! so can we just change the text and/or bg colour?

(and specifically add Forum)

(that said, i continue to find it the most amazing app!)