longer than 2 wk age limit for premium subscribers?

This /. discussion about the post-Google Reader world has some people complaining about the 2-week age limit for new stories. How about having premium subscribers get a longer age limit?


Nope, if I ever up the limit, it’ll be for everyone. But remember what I said in the previous thread: I won’t do it until performance has gotten much, much better, since this is directly related to a major performance hit.


What about disabling the intelligence feature altogether? I don’t really use it…

That’s a brilliant idea.

Perhaps we could also disable all the feeds you read, as I don’t really use them…

Disabling it for myself, obviously.

Nope, it’s part of NewsBlur. Won’t take out social or training.

Guess I wasn’t clear – I mean being able to turn off the training feature for my account only. It’s not something I really use, and in that other long thread about the 2 wk limit you said something that sounded like the training feature is one of the reasons for the performance issues, so I’m wondering if it would help to be able to disable that feature for individual accounts.