Long Time Frustration - Rotate iPhone, Video Stops, Loses Position

Most annoying problem in Newsblur.

Steps to replicate (all versions):

  1. Play video in feed
  2. Accidentally rotate your iPhone
  3. Video closes and returned to feed
  4. Be very upset that you have lost your place in a 2 hour video with no way to resume again.

Example: Macrumors feed, “Construction at Apple Camus 2 Progresses, Work on Structure Has Begun”


I’ve seen this too. My solution is low-tech, don’t watch 2 hour videos directly in Newsblur, view it using a browser.

Well it’s still very annoying for just a 30 second video:

  1. Rotate Phone
  2. Video Disappears
  3. Press play again
  4. Start from scratch
  5. Find your place in the video again (backwards and forwards scrolling)
  6. Start watching where you left off

All that could take longer than the length of the video.

Bad either way…

Good news, I finally nipped this one. The fix should ship in the upcoming iOS update (which also has search, and full saved story tagging).


Android still has the same problem BTW.

I see this problem regularly in the iPhone app, so it must have regressed. I’m using the latest app version with iOS 9.3.4 on an iPhone 6.

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Also seeing this problem cropping up again.

This is happening to me too. Very frustrating. And it’s not just video. If I’m reading any webpage in Safari Viewer, when I rotate my phone, it kicks back to my RSS feed. Tends to happen a lot when I’m browsing the comments on a Reddit post.

Doesn’t seem to be fixed; I still have this problem on iOS 10, with an iPhone 7.

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I have the same issue. It is really annoying,

Yes, this bug regressed but we’ll get to the bottom of it soon. I notice the issue now too.