Long password issue on iOS Apps

When trying to login to the iOS iphone app or ipad app, I get the error message “Ensure this value has at most 30 characters (it has 33)”.

I can login to the browser fine without any issues. I originally had a password that was greater than 30 characters and then changed it to 30 characters, but it still didn’t work. I then changed it to 25 characters, but it still didn’t work.

I know my password is 25 characters due to having it generated and saved into a password manager. How do I get this resolved so I can login to these mobile apps?

This occurs on the Android app as well.

Now I can’t login via the browser either. @samuelclay can I get some assistance here with my issue? I am paying to use the service and now the system thinks I am entering in a password of 33 characters when I am not? Can you reset my password so I can at least get into my account?

Ok, I changed my password to a 25 character password and was able to get into the web browser. I then tried to get into the mobile app. Still can’t due to the same error message.