Logout function and remove cached dashboard

I can’t seem to find a Logout option in the latest version of the iPhone App (v4.0). It used to be accessed via the Settings icon.

If we can get the logout function re-enabled, can we please make sure that a snapshot of the last used Dashboard isn’t visible on launch ? The previous couple of versions presented a preview of the Dashboard before being prompted to log in, which was not good for privacy


Logout button is fixed and will be out shortly. As for the dashboard, I’ll take a look at blanking it out between loads.

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Awesome !

Thanks Samuel

4.0.1 installed, featuring the return of Settings | Logout. Turnaround in under 24 hours.

Colour me impressed

You just got lucky, as I submitted the app the day before. However, a 2 day turnaround on the app store review process is unprecedented for me.