logging on w/ two accounts


I created a second Newsblur account – one for work, one from home. Problem is, I need to logon to work account w/ work computer, but newsblur defaults to new (home) account. I logoff, but when I log back in – the home account is what I get. Also, new account not recognizing uploaded opml file downloaded from work account. Thanks in advance for help.

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Are you logging in by email? Only one of the accounts will work through email. Make sure you’re logging in with the correct username.

As for OPML, verify that it’s valid XML. How did you produce your OPML file? It may not be valid.

If NewsBlur produced the OPML file, it should have no trouble reading it in. How many sites do you subscribe to?

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the quick reply – and I’m a big fan of NewsBlur.

Alas, I signed up for both accounts w/ the same email account, maybe the source of the confusion. Can you reach me offline to resolve? Email is dave at first name initial plus last name gtld com

Just login and change the email address in Manage > Account.