Log-in not remembered (Chrome browser)

I use Newsblur on iPhone, iPad, and in the Chrome browser on Mac. In the past, Chrome would keep me logged in for long periods of time, but now it seems I have to log-in with my username and password every time I open the Newsblur web page. Is there a way to fix this so that Newsblur remembers that I’m loggied in?

If you are using some form of “cookie cleaner”, or set Chrome to wipe cookies after closing, it will lose your credentials. I suspect some externality is clearing cookies after you leave chrome. Mine works fine, using Chrome, and login is persistent.

Login should last for 10 years, so it’s something your browser is explicitly removing.

Thank you for the replies, which helped me theorize that something may have gone awry with the site cookies. I deleted the existing cookies; I also streamlined the saved URL in my bookmarks. One or both of these actions seems to have fixed the problem and I’m now staying logged in.

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