Lock folder tree

When browsing on my laptop, because I’m a bit incompetent, I sometimes click and drag a feed a very short distance when I just mean to click on it.
Because of the way that the drag and drop interface works, this means that I usually accidentally move it another folder or the top level (and don’t notice until later)

Some tweaks to the dragging and dropping would make this much less likely, but you could also have a simple option that disables reorganising the tree (as I don’t do that very often). Then it would be impossible.

Thanks for all the work!

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Good news, drag-and-drop site reordering has been removed entirely on dev.newsblur.com. You now have to right-click and use the Move To option. This will save endless headaches.

Even better. And a pretty rapid response! I’ve requested an invite to dev.newsblur.com