Linux client

Do you have the funds/resources/motivation to develop or contract out development of a Linux client?

The offline mode in the Android app is superb, but currently cannot be replicated on Linux. As a customer for a number of years, this is a feature I would most welcome.

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As much as I’d love to see official apps on all platforms, at the moment there is no Windows or even Mac app (which I believe is what Simon uses) so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a linux app. Not an official one anyway.

Using Service Workers, Offline Mode could be implemented once, then work on any platform that has a decent browser.

TL;DR: Works on Chrome & Opera now, Firefox soon (this month!), IE/Edge/Safari: maybe someday…

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Interesting.  The “JSON Cache” and “Request Deferrer” recipes implement about 2/3 of the design patterns used by the Android app to do offline.  That last 1/3, though, will be more considerable work.  Some aspects like maintaining unread counts, correctly constructing idempotent deferrable reading operations, and smart prefetch of images and story content in different modes aren’t quite as simple.

If anyone ever decides to go after a browser-based offline implementation, I’d be happy to do a high-level walkthrough of some of the trickier bits.

Not sure what “Linux Client” means (QT/Gnome) - but I’ve been noodling around writing a curses client for newsblur. Think “Mutt” - but for browsing newsblur articles. Motivation is really because I prefer command line/curses apps and I wanted some tighter integration with pocket than the native webapp does. 

Its not really ready yet, but I’m happy to share if you PM me. 

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Oh man, I love curses. Let me know ( when you get that to a point of minimal viability.


I will … for sure. 

Great news! There is a lovely GTK+ client called FeedReader that already works with other web based RSS readers. Could Newsblur support be added?

It seems like everyone is writing Electron wrappers ( for things lately. That might work, if you wanted to throw effort that way. 2c>

The Feedreader devs have posted a bounty ($150) for anyone interested in contributing towards adding NewsBlur support. @Samuel this seems like a pretty inexpensive way to add value of your product to your users.