Links to RTs on new twitter don't point to full content

Howdy, Newsblur is great!

Twitter’s (much reviled) newest UI has introduced a bit of a problem. Often, when I’m following someone’s feed via Newsblur, I’ll click into full twitter to get the context of an RT. This used to work beautifully, redirecting to the full original tweet. Since the redesign, however, retweets point to a tweet within the retweeting user’s feed, and there’s no way to get to the original tweet (save attempting to find it in the original poster’s now non-chronological feed.)

An example:

This tweet is retweeted by @pizza_suplex:

The post that shows up in Newsblur has the correct content, but if I click the link through to twitter (to see, for example, the responses to the original tweet), I get this:

As mentioned above, there is no link whatsoever on that page to get to the original tweet.

Thanks for the thorough writeup, I just pushed out an update and the link is now included on the date (where I expected to find it).

Works like a charm! Thanks!