Linking from headlines to content in iOS app

I am using the Newsblur App for iOS and want to raise an idea/feature wish. I am a frequent reader of Hackernews and their RSS feed is only giving me a Headline that is already a link. From the iOS (iPad) app, I can’t click these links and read the full article. It would be pretty helpful to have this possibility.



I’m fairly new to the Newsblur iOS app and I keep tapping the article headline to read the story. It always puzzles me for a moment when it doesn’t work until I remember I have to tap the web icon in the upper right corner. I agree - make the headline a link to the full story. The web icon then becomes superfluous.

Side note: in the title bar in the middle there is what looks like a book with an A on the cover. It appears to be a button, but tapping it doesn’t do anything.

So this was a design decision that I made that I am positive I want to keep. Hit the Safari button in the top right for the same behavior.

Problem is that I often hit the title by accident and don’t want to have to wait the 1-2s to wait for the modal dialog to open and then have to close it.

Just wanted to add a +1 for this idea, the links on work the same way.