lifehacker feeds lost

A few days ago the gawker feed for lifehacker died. Now there seem to be no available feed to lifehacker through newblur! Use the main address does not work. Suggestions?

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Have you tried this link?

And they’re back! I assume error on Gawker’s part.

Yep they seemed to have fixed it. The xml code they were producing was wrong earlier and newblur couldn’t parse it.

I’m still not seeing updates to my lifehacker feed. Last update I saw was May 22, 2017.

I was able to view the HTML of and find the RSS link for it then swap it out under Site Settings.

I got the full feed back by using The original gawker feed appears dead or dying…

Ok, I fixed it for everybody.

I hadn’t gotten a Jezebel update since mid-May - just manually updated my feed to this URL and it’s working again: Not sure if the other Gawker sites all need to be manually updated? I haven’t checked to see my other ones yet. 

I am now using