lifehacker feed deleted... twice

I imported all feeds from google reader a few months back. Earlier this week i noticed that somewhere along the way my lifehacker feed ( disappeared. I added it in again and two days later its gone again.


Not sure what’s up. This is the Lifehacker feed:…

searching through my chrome history these have all shown up…………

I’m guessing that is half the problem.

Lifehacker is missing from my feed again, and going to the link you suggest /site/92 just serves up the dashboard/homepage

I’m having this problem too now. For the site/92 link, I just get “Oh no! There was an error!” I’ve tried re-adding using a variety of links, and none work.

just noticed mine was missing too!!

I just checked mine (which hasn’t ever disappeared) and it points to:

You might try that?

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Mark, that works for me. Hopefully it will stick. Thanks!

Works for me too Mark! Thanks!!

I’ll point out that when I first switched to NewsBlur, my Lifehacker feed disappeared at one point too. My current one is listed as… after I re-added it.

There is something fishy with Lifehacker’s RSS feed. Good thing is that I prepare for this sort of thing and am now re-subscribing everybody to the feed again, keeping training in tact. You should be automatically re-subscribed within the next half hour.

I was never re-subscribed

Now I have 2 Lifehacker feeds, each with the same feed URL, but different counts. And when I put them into a single folder, and then view the folder, it doesn’t show duplicate stories. I’m a little confused on what to do next.

Same for me…it is gone