Letters go missing with dark theme, not in light theme

I’ve recently come across a problem with how articles are displayed in light vs dark theme. Here are two exact views of a feed…in dark theme, letters go missing (well, they are really there, but the color of the letters match the background). Just making one change to “light theme” causes everything to render properly.
The feed in question in the example below was Krebs on Security

Can this be fixed?

This is what I see on that story…

Do you have any browser extensions that could be causing it?

Also see if the same thing happens on https://beta.newsblur.com

Well…now it is not doing it anymore…mysteriously. The only change I can think of is Chrome just updated itself, and I failed to check to see if the same behavior occurred with other browsers. I did not change any extensions in the browser, of which there are scant few. So…I guess this one is closed, unless it decides to return as weirdly as it did the first time…