Let users choose their own font for articles with generic font families

Add options for just “serif” or “sans-serif” as article text font family. In that way, users may choose their preferred font by selecting it as default font for the browser.


Or just more font options in general.

Yes please, as a unix user I didn’t like webpages that propagate non-free or not available fonts like Helvetica or Trebuchet MS. This makes font rendering bizarre because they would be substituted with “something” that can even be not TTF and not a required size.

Hi all.
Please allow us to change fonts or at least bring back the one for beta.newsblur.com that was on newsblur.com
Since then the redirect from newsblur.com to beta.newsblur.com started working and I don’t like the new font very much.

Please don’t ignore the request!!!

This thread is a bit old but fonts launched a while ago and you can now customize the font for story text. The font for feed titles has evolved slightly, but you can now customize the size of feed titles separately from story content. It’s all in the Style popover.

I had to reboot my computer for a security update and now no longer have access to the “old” NewsBlur, just the beta NewsBlur, and all these font choices are frankly terrible. Can you add either more options or just let us use the system fonts?

This is going to sound stupid, but where is the Style popover?

I’m clearly not clicking the correct thing to see this…

The Style popover is in the bottom right of the window when you’re reading a feed. And you can click on the “All/Unread * Oldest/Newest” popover in the top right to configure feed titles as well (just as you can filter them with the top right popover).

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