Let us clear cache of ios browser

Can you improve the built-in browser for the ios app so that we are able to clear cache / delete web history. I notice I can scroll back on the browser forever from articles I read days before. Also, please let us exit the browser completely as otherwise that page is still open in the background


Sorry, but I love the fact that I don’t lose history in that browser. I have many times accidentally closed that window in other iOS apps and lost my entire history. It’s definitely here to stay.

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Reviving this old topic. On iOS, as you use the app, the cached data keeps growing and the app takes up more and more storage. Currently, the only way to clear out the cache is to delete and reinstall teh app. Can we get a button that would allow us to manually clear out the cache/data? A lot of apps have buttons like this (e.g., Safari, Flipboard).

Oh, if that’s what you’re looking for, just use the “Delete offline stories” button in preferences. That will recover all of the storage space the app is using. This ticket is about the in app browser keeping a history of urls you’ve visited. This isn’t doing any sort of caching above what the OS does on its own, and this gets cleared out by the OS as well.

Hmmm… Are you sure it’s working correctly?

I’ve just done so on my phone and the space occupied went down from 1,33 GB to 1,31 GB which is far less I’ve expected…

Are there any other ways to clean Newblur cache than by selecting “Delete offline stories”?