Let the user download the list of his saved stories

If I move to NewsBlur, I have to make sure that my subscription list and saved stories in not locked into NewsBlur. I might have to/want to move to other RSS reader.
I can download my sites in OPML. But there is no way to download my saved stories.
This is important for backup. If I have decided to save some story out of hundreds of other stories then it has to be important to me. I would want to keep its backup save with me.

Also, as per your reply at the following link, it seems that Google Reader Sync is out of the question. This only increases the importance of backup.


This is a great idea. Just so you know, you can already download your saved stories: http://www.newsblur.com/api. It’s not particularly easy unless you know how to code, it’ll get the job done.

Although, what format would you want? The API gives you JSON. Do you want XML?

Thanks for paying attention to the suggestion.

Just so you know, you can already download your saved stories: http://www.newsblur.com/api.

Yeah, I saw it and would use the api if a need arises. But you see, not every user can make head and tail of API, much less use it. A simple option ‘Backup your saved stories’ in Preferences would be much better.

what format would you want? The API gives you JSON. Do you want XML?

Google Reader lets us download the list in JSON but its usage is not so obvious and easy, at least to a common user.

I would rather go with the XML format. There are plenty of resources that convert XML to html and that html file can be used to import bookmarks in a browser. XML structure is easier to read and understand than JSON.

A power user will always find a workaround to make any of the format work for him. But for a common user, XML makes more sense.

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I miss this feature a lot

Did anything ever happen with this? I’d really like to have this option available to at least have a backup I could import into another reader.

The API is still the preferred method, as it’s a text export of your saved stories.

Appreciate the speedy response.

As a non-programmer, the API is essentially inaccessible. When I switched from Google reader I was able to import a json file. Other services still support the import of a json, so it would be useful to be able to download a json and upload it to another service.

Still preferred by who? Please don’t speak for me. Since this has been pretty much ignored for 3 years I take it you aren’t going to come out and say NO to what (for you) would probably be a simple request. Can anyone in the user support community help out?

Why don’t you use one of these “If this then that recipes”:


I just installed a pocket integration this morning (existing recipe) that saves every news blur story I save (along with tags) to pocket. Beer in a bottle, brilliant.

There is a bunch of integrations there for google drive or evernote, it’s completely free and you don’t need to be able to code to set it up!

That will work for any new saved stories, but I’m more concerned about the 460 saved stories i already have.

Exactly what geoffwood said.

1.) When logged in go to http://newsblur.com/reader/starred_st…
2.) Copy and paste it into here: http://konklone.io/json/
3.) Download the file
4.) Upload it into google drive.

I spent about 20 seconds googling to find that “json to csv converter” so you may need to use another one but you get the picture…

Thanks Andrew! Works great but it only gave me the last 10 stories.

Same here. The URL http://newsblur.com/reader/starred_st… is only pulling the 10 most recent saves, but if we can get around that we’d be well on our way

copy paste, copy paste etc etc
A bit tedious but it works!

Just continue incrementing the page number until you run out :slight_smile:

omg, with over 1000 stories…thx but sure would like to see a &n=1000 option there.

I’m not sure what you would do with your saved stoires in any other format. They have to come in some format, the API provides a clean and accessible format for other services to integrate.

I am sure it does. Did you miss the part about the API not being accessible to non-programmers? Available <> (or !=) accessible. The issue is not the format. (edit: you even acknowledge this difficulty in your first response in this thread over 2 years ago. I don’t think you understand what we are asking for here Samuel)