Let me choose the order of the folders

The pane of feeds only has 2 options. (1) sort alphabetically (2) sort by usage. I’d like a 3rd, the Reader version, let me sort them how I want them. I had mine in a certain order in reader. Neither of Newsblur’s options handle that order.


Agreed. In general, I’m not in favor of making Newsblur an exact replica of Reader, but I would like to be able to sort my feeds arbitrarily by what I care about most.

Mostly, I want to put my folders above my top-level feeds.

Right, I don’t want a clone either. But I want it as good or better :wink:

Your’re right, it’s not just the folders, but the feeds as well. I want my “Friends” folder to appear before my “Art” folder even though I look at the “Art” folder more often because my friends don’t update as much. That’s because when my friends update it’s far more important to me than some random feed about art.

Similarly, inside my Friends folder I want my friend “James” to come before my acquaintance “Albert” even though Albert is way more prolific and so I probably click on his feed more James is my best friend so his feed is far more important.