lemme scroll back to older read items while viewing oldest first listings

The most natural way for me to read would probably be oldest first, but I can’t really use it for two reasons. 1) there’s no way to scroll back to older items. Since NB sunsets old items, I need to be able to go back and check to make sure I didn’t miss anything, particularly with comics that I read in spurts. 2) the ‘m’ for next unread works backwards and takes you inexplicably to the newest item. That makes a kind of hilariously symmetric sense, but I suspect it’s a bug. [1] is a deal breaker and I end up having to read in reverse order using ‘m’ to constantly skip to the bottom. [2] is funny and I’d ignore it but since I’m typing things out…

Please make it so when I’m on oldest first I can still see all stories but it just kinda defaults to the first unread. Lemme scroll back!