LastPass can't always see Newsblur login fields.

Hi guys. I’m using the latest Chrome browser and LastPass to store my logins. I’m not sure why, but LP doesn’t always populate your login fields. It’s working at the moment, but didn’t yesterday afternoon. Sorry I can’t provide better clues than that. Now, I use good, long passwords with every site I visit, and I need LP to recall them for me. If I have to open LP up and copy and paste things, I probably won’t use Newsblur any more. Your main page would still look just fine if you dumbed your pretty login function down. I’m definitely more of a fan of interfaces where everything is right there, instead of hidden or invisible until I perform some magic gesture to dig them out. Thanks!


Thing is, the login form might be hidden, but it’s just transparent. I did that purposefully so programs like LastPass still work easily, since ether can populate the password, even if they don’t see the password input.

Is anybody else having this issue? I haven’t heard any issues since I rewrote that screen to be password manager friendly.

It’s still an issue for me. Chrome won’t ask me to save my password when I log in, and since Newsblur isn’t a bank site or something else that’s super critical, I’d really like to be able to save the password in the browser.

I wonder if the names of the username and password field IDs are the problem? The sign up field also has “username” as part of the ID name, which might be confusing the save password functionality. That’s just a guess though.