Landscape Mode on iOS Loses Story when sitting phone down/picking up

Hopefully the title was descriptive enough. Essentially, if I am reading a story, I set my phone down and it often goes into landscape mode. When I pick it up it flips to portrait mode, goes back to list and my story is marked read and gone. I have to change my filter settings to all and try and find my story I was in the middle of.

I am the only one this happens to? No one else notices this? Hmmm.

If you can post a screen recording of it happening that would help get it triaged and fixed.

Hmmm. How do I attach a video? I have it saved, but file type not accepted.

Only thing I did in the video… from “All Stories” go into a story to read, rotate phone into landscape mode to read widescreen, change phone orientation back to portrait. Instead of going back to portrait view of story as I would expect, it goes back to folder listing and then it is marked as read when I was in the story view.

Expectation is it goes back to portrait view of the story and I can keep reading story already on screen without losing it.

Right now I would have to remember which folder it was in, click that folder, switch to All Stories - not just New Stories, change sort order to New On Top so I don’t have to scroll down forever, scroll to last unread and find the story I was reading, read it, then change all those settings back to normal reading modes, Oldest on Top, New only, etc.

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