Landscape Mode on iOS Loses Story when sitting phone down/picking up

Hopefully the title was descriptive enough. Essentially, if I am reading a story, I set my phone down and it often goes into landscape mode. When I pick it up it flips to portrait mode, goes back to list and my story is marked read and gone. I have to change my filter settings to all and try and find my story I was in the middle of.

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I am the only one this happens to? No one else notices this? Hmmm.

If you can post a screen recording of it happening that would help get it triaged and fixed.

Hmmm. How do I attach a video? I have it saved, but file type not accepted.

Only thing I did in the video… from “All Stories” go into a story to read, rotate phone into landscape mode to read widescreen, change phone orientation back to portrait. Instead of going back to portrait view of story as I would expect, it goes back to folder listing and then it is marked as read when I was in the story view.

Expectation is it goes back to portrait view of the story and I can keep reading story already on screen without losing it.

Right now I would have to remember which folder it was in, click that folder, switch to All Stories - not just New Stories, change sort order to New On Top so I don’t have to scroll down forever, scroll to last unread and find the story I was reading, read it, then change all those settings back to normal reading modes, Oldest on Top, New only, etc.

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This has happened to me for the last year or so as well JayM, around the time of the v11 release. The latest v12 release neither caused nor fixed the issue however. Forum won’t let us upload screen recordings so here is a dropbox link. I spend a lot of time with rotation locked on iOS now due to the bug.

Just me going into a global story, rotating the phone and rotating it back, which dumps me back out to the main screen.

iPhone XS, iOS 16.1.1, Newsblur 12.0.1

Whew. I’m glad I’m not the only one and you were able to get the video up for review. Thank you!

Just wanted to confirm this also happens to me, and has happened for a long time, I think it was from a redesign. It is fairly annoying but avoidable for myself as I primarily use NewsBlur as my YouTube feed, but there have been times I have lost videos in the ether.

My iPhone was an iPhone 11 Pro Max and now an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Thanks for the video!

I’ve got a ticket and it should be fixed soon: iOS: Fix reloading of story on rotation · Issue #1758 · samuelclay/NewsBlur · GitHub

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