Kottke.org feed crashes Chrome 39

With a fresh profile with no extensions, loading http://www.newsblur.com/site/39/kottk… crashes Chrome 39. It does not crash the latest Firefox or Chrome Canary.

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It actually looks like the site itself crashes Chrome, so this isn’t a problem with Newsblur. Sorry for the false alarm.

Me too. Tried turning off hardware acceleration (Settings > Advanced > System), based on some quick Googling, but that doesn’t seem to have helped.

I’m using Chrome 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit) on OS X (Yosemite), FYI.

PS, tried incognito mode in case it was an extension problem, but had the same problem (the “Oh, snap!” error page).

Problem appears to have resolved itself. I think it was related to a Vine embed.

I concur with the guess that it was the Vine embed.

I watched that Vine video in Newsblur yesterday just fine. Like I said in my first followup, kottke.org itself crashed in Chrome when you scrolled to or near the Vine post, too. I’m fine with blaming Vine+Chrome and moving on.

I don’t think I can mark this question as invalid or otherwise close it though.

http://mashable.com/2014/12/03/vine-e… Vine bug. Fixed.