Keywords-based streaming, filtering and training.

Though I put some similar RSS feeds in one folder, many articles about one certain topic will still be separately presented. For example, I put Macstories and Macrumors in one folder, articles about iOS 11 will still be presented according to the time they were released which may not be the most convenient way to read.

So, is it a good idea to create some smart folders(like the mail app on macOS)to stream articles according to some keywords user set? It is not necessary to find these keywords in the whole articles, just the titles of them will do.

Also, it would be great to filter and train articles according to these keywords.

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Saved searches can give you what you want in terms of specific terms. They operate a bit like thumbs up in that you have a feed specifically for highlighted terms. And saved searches search the entire story whereas the training (thumbs up) only takes author, title, tags, and publisher into account.

Hai Samuel, I tried to find this feature but failed.Is it only available on some certain platform?
Sorry to bother you.

In order to save a search you have to search for it first. I should probably build a standalone UI for all types of subscriptions, but that’s a whole feature I haven’t thought about yet.

Found something about keywords, I’m wondering how to save such a keywords