Keys Up/Down, Pg Up/Down are skipping articles

I’m an avid j/k user to go to the next/previous article in feed view.

Sometimes there are longer articles which need scrolling - however you “broke” scrolling by re-mapping the Up/Down and the Page Up/Down keys to next/previous article.

I do know that not everybody wants to use j/k for next/previous, but please let us use the regular scrolling feature (e.g. up/down keys) and only re-map one of those (Arrow keys or Page) to skipping articles. My keyboard doesn’t have a scroll wheel and I don’t always want to switch to the mouse just for regular scrolling through articles.


I had the same issue when I first started, and I tend to agree with you that having remapped the up and down keys is problematic. But barring changes with that, you can use space to scroll down and shift+space to scroll up.

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You’re right about space, I don’t like the way it behaves though: Always scrolling a full page, that way my eyes have to jump from the bottom back to the top. It’s a possible workaround though.

I’ve hacked around the problem with a userscript. This should work on any browser that supports third-party scripts, e.g. via Greasemonkey on Firefox, or as an extension in Chrome.…


Definitely agree.

Thank you! this is perfect. I naturally gravitate to the arrow keys for scrolling and it’s so annoying when they switch articles.