Keys 'O'/'V' to open story in another tab no longer switch focus to tab (Firefox)

I always use ‘O’ (rather than clicking with the mouse) to open the current story in a new tab. Before today, this would open the story in a new tab and switch to the new tab immediately. (In Firefox, I have enabled the option “When you open a link, image or media in a new tab, switch to it immediately”.) But today this stopped working. The story is opened in a new tab, but focus is not switched to the new tab.

If I click on the story with the mouse, then it works as expected. The problem is only with the keyboard shortcut (‘O’ or ‘V’).

Seems to be fixed now.

I’m glad that worked out. I believe restarting the browser should fix it. I’ve seen issues like that before myself and restarting the browser fixes it. That or there’s a bug on the code and it fired on one of your stories, which turns off the functionality for subsequent stories. A fun JavaScript issue that has to be worked out. Reloading the site should have also fixed it.