Keyboard shortcuts jump past stories

I use j/k n/b exclusively. I notice that if two stories are short enough to fit within the same page, hitting ‘n’ or ‘j’ will skip to the third story, presumably because I was able to read both stories at once.

This is often not the case. The worst part is that most times, the second story is only part-displayed, and I end up skipping over it entirely. I’ve hit ‘k’ to go back and re-read a story I just finished to discover that I passed over a story without realizing! It’s frustrating. I track the current story by whatever is topmost in the window. Is this wrong?


New discovery! I believe this is caused by the last position of the yellow arrow/mouse cursor. When you load the page, if you start using the keyboard shortcuts when you mouse is near the bottom of the interface, j/k will assume you’re reading the bottom of the screen always, and skip to the story after the yellow arrow.

The fix for now is to always move your mouse to the top of the widow before using shortcuts.

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I’m going to take a look at this in a bit, but you should probably lock your mouse indicator line towards the top of the screen. Just click that little dorito on the side of the screen.

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Did locking the mouse indicator line help at all?

Hey sorry! I guess I didn’t see the notification emails for your responses. Yes, this worked perfectly.