Keyboard Shortcuts for the Sites You Frequently Share To

Keyboard shortcuts for the sites you frequently share to – Facebook, etc.

I’d like to ask for a keyboard shortcut that would instantly share the URL of the item I’m on to Facebook, or to Pinboard.

As it stands, Shift-S gets me partway there, but then I’ve got to mouse-click on the appropriate icon, which is small and for some strange reason shares the same row as e-mail in the dropdown menu. (Why?)


As a paranthetical, I imagine these would differ depending on what sharing services you checkmarked. You could perhaps have it be numbers that are based on the order of the icons in that menu – Shift-S, 1 for whatever service is the first icon; Shift-S, 2 for the second icon; Shift-S, 3 for the third, and so on. The person would quickly learn what matches what. Or, instead of the preference dialogue being checkmarks, you could assign the numbers there … allow people to reorder the icons/numbers.