Keyboard navigation of folder can get stuck

While using J and K to navigate the feed i can regularly get it to stop moving to the next item. As you can see in this screen shot.…

The header is duplicated.

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Make sure to check this against the re-design: A lot of structural issues like this have been resolved. I’d love to fix it if it still doesn’t work though.

I am still able to duplicate this in dev as well. It doesn’t take long either like 5 - 10 j’s to make it happen.…

I am on stable chrome.

Try using the new List view (in the top right of the Feed view). It only loads the current story. it’s much faster and fixes issues like this.

The real culprit is that some image is loading and pushing things down. I’m not able to repro it very well, but it alls depends on the feeds.

Oh, I just realized what’s happening. You’re hitting the last story that’s loaded, but it’s not tall enough to go to the top of the screen. So the Feed view optimistically loads the feed title at top, but the story may not reach it. I’m thinking about a fix for this, although it isn’t trivial.