Keyboad shortcuts not working

On Dev, using J, N or down arrow doesn’t work anymore. What happens is, the story I was reading closes but the next one doesn’t open. I can open it with the mouse, but I have to double-click it.

If I click on a feed the first time, J or N will work only once, then back to the same problem.

Problem appears only in List View. Split View works fine.

I flushed my cache. I run FF 21 on OSX.


I’ve been seeing this problem, too, but only in List view. In Split view, the keyboard shortcuts work fine.

Also, if I switch back to List view after viewing a feed in Split view, then I can navigate the stories in List view with the keyboard shortcuts.

If I select another feed and try to use keyboard shortcuts, it’s broken again.

I’m seeing the “next unread button” not working either.

My experience is that all input forms become unresponsive. My notes on the issue are here:…

I may have a possible workaround. Details are here:…

I believe this regression was introduced by commit…

Switching to “Show all stories” in Preferences > Feeds > Feed view magically fixes next story selection.

Looks like I have a fix -…

Thank you Alexey! It was driving me crazy. I had to click on an item name three times to get it to open.

It works!

Thanks Alexey for the pull request. The power of open source.

I’ve also noticed keyboard shortcuts not working with Slashdot RSS. It has comments with it’s own keyboard shortcuts. “Fix” is to click somewhereelse to change focus back to Newsblur.