I got this email announcement from “The Google Calendar Team” <calendar-noreply@google.com>:

Important announcement about XML feeds in Google Calendar
Because of low usage, and in an effort to streamline our services, from 18 November 2015, XML feeds will no longer be available in Google Calendar. You’re getting this message because you’re currently viewing or sharing a link to one or more of your calendars using an XML feed.

Does anyone have any workarounds for this? My family shares a Google calendar and I depend on Newsblur’s feed for that calendar to tell me that somebody added a calendar event.



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No solution from me, I’m afraid, but I think you can export calendars from Outlook using XML.  Based upon all of our past,  collective, experience with Google, this may be a good time to drop your dependence on another Google product.  They’ve been treating users like dirt for years and they are banking on inertia to keep us in their data mining sphere.  Cut the cord!