Javascript prolonged loading

When NewsBlur page initially loads, sometimes the javascript still hogging up CPU even after few minutes. This causes my browser responsiveness declined significantly. Hopefully, the js can be optimized even for older laptops.
ps: I am using Mozilla Firefox 21.0

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I use Firefox for some development and have not noticed slowdowns like this. I’m pretty sure you have a browser extension going haywire.

I have disabled all addons yet the problem is still there, I notice that it only happens when it is on the newsblur “home”, when I switches to any rss feeds the cpu usage drops, when I switch back to home, the cpu usage bumps up again. However, another odd behavior is if I switches to other tabs while keeping the newsblur “home” open, the cpu usage drops, it only bumps up when I am viewing the “home” page.

I have narrowed down the problem to CSS rendering, when I load the page without css, the cpu usage doesn’t bumps up. It is nothing to do with javascript. Hope to hear from you soon!