"j" to view next article only works five times in a row

When viewing articles, hitting the “j” key works exactly five times (assuming there are five or more unread articles) and then seems to stop doing anything.

At this point, pressing the “next unread” button moves to the next article, and after that the “j” key works five more times, ad infinitum.


I’m having the same issue, except my ‘magic number’ is 18. After that, I have to hit ‘next unread’ to load more. This recently started happening after the site redesign. Previously, feeds would reload automatically after the last displayed article was reached.

I’m a new user so can’t say if this is new since the redesign. (I had assumed the old behavior was a “please pay” inducement.)

Firefox 21.0, Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, no problem at all. I have been finishing 100-300 articles in one shot with only j,k,o. The longest streak of "j"s are definitely larger than 20, and I’ve never had a situation where it didn’t work…

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I have this issue too, but it is very random and intermittent.

Sometimes I can only ‘j’ 5 or 6 articles before things hang. Other times it is 20-30 before the problems. Sometimes it never happens (~100 articles read, no problem).

Please give me the NewsBlur URLs where this happens consistently. I need to know more about the pattern, specifically story length.

I have actually not seen a case where this fails to happen for me. Here are some:


It happens for me at 18 as well. I can get it consistently with io9:

My friend who has been complaining about this for a while (and it is one of the reasons he still hasn’t fully switched to NB) thinks it is related to the length of the last article in the list (of 5 or 18). If it is longer than the window, then the issue occurs.

This problem was fixed for me by keeping the page zoom for newsblur.com at 100%. As long as the site stays at 100%, everything is fine. I guess there is a reformatting issue, because the problem returns when I switch back to 110% .

Problem occurs for me when the page zoom is at 100%. (I haven’t tried other zoom levels.)

I can reproduce it every time on chrome by shrinking the “story titles” panel.
Hiding it entirely with shift-T does not cause a problem, but resizing it to its smallest does.

I can have it happen every time on either my feeds or the “try out newsblur” in an incognito window.