I've been downgraded to a free account

Hello. My premium NewsBlur account suddenly got downgraded to a free account yesterday. Can I get some help? I’ve been a premium user for like a decade and this has been a miserable 24 hours without it!

I emailed my receipt and user name to the “of brooklyn” email address on the paypal. (This is neither my real name nor my user name)

Oh that’s why I didn’t see it, that’s my personal email and I’ve been on parental leave for the past few months, so I’ve been checking it sparingly. I don’t see anything after looking through, could you reply to the receipt or email your username to samuel@newsblur.com?

Hello. I have sent my information to the requested email but my account is still downgraded.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Thanks for reminding me, your account is now upgraded again.