Items shown are not in the feed

The attached screenshot shows what NewsBlur is showing me as the latest articles in the academic journal Agriculture and Human Values, published by Springer Nature. None of these items actually appear in the journal’s RSS feed. For example, the top item has the title “Fundamental study on chaotic transition of two-phase flow regime and free surface instability in gas deaeration process,” was actually published in the journal Experimental and Computational Multiphase Flow, and does not appear in the AHV RSS feed: I got this URL from the feed’s settings, and I’ve already tried hitting the “Parse this RSS/XML feed” button.

The same thing happens with another Springer Nature journal, Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. Feed URL.

I suspect this isn’t the feed url that’s in the feeds. You may have added it as one url but if the feed redirects, then NewsBlur will update to follow the new url. So double-check the feeds by right-clicking the title > Site Settings > Feed URL and see if that matches.

Also, please share the NewsBlur url of the site so I can ensure I’m looking at the same site.

The URLs in my posts above were copied from the feed settings, and don’t appear to redirect.

I think this is the NewsBlur URL:

I’m not sure what’s happened but I am near certain it is the fault of the RSS feed providing results that are not what you expect. You’re the only subscriber, so it’s not a case of merged urls. There are no duplicate addresses, so the feed hasn’t changed at all. And RSS feeds can easily change what they show based on incorrect caching rules, esp. on a faceted search like this one. And this one uses a search query, which means it has an entire search query parsing engine to figure out what to show (as opposed to a category id).

So it’s likely the feed just messed up the stories briefly. One metric I would have loved for myself here is to keep track of the fetch date of new stories, and thereby be able to see if a bunch of stories come in at once in a feed that usually gets 1 new story per fetch or less. I might see about building that soon, since it would be useful for other types of feed investigative work.

This is happening with at least 3 other Springer journals. I just tried to write a reply with links, but this tripped some kind of spam filter.

Feel free to email them to me: