Items reappear in the Newsblur Android app and does not get market as read

Items reappear in the Newsblur Android app and does not get market as read. This was in the old version the case for a few random articles. Now all my read feeds reappear making it impossible for me to use the Android app.
Any ideas how to solve this?
Is it just me or a general problem?


PS: I use the web app and the Android app side by side every day which means that my Newsblur setup is really not working for me as I need it.

Just so you know, this is a very well-known set of bugs (reading a story doesn’t mark it as read and/or refreshes not working that well). We’ve got a big new release we’re working on as we speak that should fix both.

Thanx for the reply. Waiting patiently :wink:

In the meantime, the workaround that’s been working for me is to hit the refresh button on the main screen of the app just before closing it. The unread items reappear, but then they correctly disappear again the next time I open the app.

Looking forward to the new release :slight_smile:

If the android app has been updated I can’t tell. Feeds I read and/or mark as read keep coming back in the android app, which also bleeds over to the web app.

I’ve (just today) uninstalled the app and reinstalled and articles still won’t stay read.

This makes the android app close to unusable, which is the main way I read my feeds.

@John Morahan - that workaround hasn’t worked reliably for me at all.

IF this was around 7 months ago AND the new release was supposed to fix it, the fix didn’t work AND the problem appeared in places where it had not previously shown up.

Could you be a bit more specific with your issue? App version? Android version? Device?

This set of bugs has been fixed for several months as far as we know and if it is affecting you, we will need more specific steps to reproduce. (The only time you should see any stale state would be in unread counts on the feed list when you very first launch the app.)

When I originally posted this, I mentioned Nexus 4 Android 4.3 but then this silly excuse for a bug tracking application asked me if any of these other things looked like the might be the same thing and I ended up somewhere else (presumably here). So let me reiterate what I’m seeing.
Unread count for the summary page is always off by one when there is an unread item in the “People have spoken” area. It has been that way for months and I don’t consider it a problem in itself, just a curiosity and perhaps an indication that someone isn’t resetting a counter correctly – off by one is the bugaboo of 0-based array schemes as seen in C, C++ and Java.
When the 3.0 version was installed, I noticed that when I have a feed with more than 1 item in it, and I start with the oldest (at the bottom) as is my custom and use left-swipe to move to the next item in the list, when I get to the end (i.e. the “top” of the list), there is often a title in the list (usually about the midpoint) which is in bold type indicating it was not read even though I traversed the entire list. If I select that item, in many cases it will link me to a different item which I just read while traversing the list. If I open an entire folder with several feeds, the same thing is a common occurrance.
When I first launch the app, I see stale item counts (almost always all have been read and are not in bold type) but the list refreshes and is replaced with the unread items. If I sum the counts of the individual feeds and compare them to the total, that is where I see the off-by-one phenomenon. When I have read everything, the count is then -1 rather than 0.