Items older than 14 days permanently stuck on feed (marked as read)

I’ve had 2 instances now where I’ve kept an item around by marking it as unread, until 14 days it. Then, even after I’ve marked the item as read, it still stays in the feed.

Specifically, I have my feed setting set to only show unread stories. There can be 0 unread stories, and these 2 items from 2 different feeds will still show up in those different feeds. Its not a huge issue, but I always have to scroll past them (with Oldest First sorting) to get to new content.

I tried to mark them as unread, so I could read them to see if it would go away, but both stories come up with a little bubble saying:
“Story is more than 14 days old. Premiums can mark unread up to 30 days.”

Which makes me think I’ve accidentally triggered the system to keep the two stories loaded at all times, since I’m a regular user and had it marked as unread right up until the 14th day?

I’ve tried instafetching, I’ve tried manually reloading the XML, the only thing I have not tired is completely deleting the feeds and adding them again (next step I guess) but I thought I would report it before that.

Site 1: (…)
Item 1:…
(from September 9th)

Site 2: (…)
Item 2:…

So to recap, all other feeds that have no unread stories will say that when I select them “No stories to read”, but those two feeds always show those two items, even when set to show only unread stories.

Hope thats enough information! This has been going on for nearly a week now. If you need more info, let me know.

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Update: Now its having issues with other feeds. Things that are “read”, that are not counted towards the “unread” count, but when “unread only” is on in Filter Options, its still showing a bunch of stories that are already read.

The newest example for me is XKCD:… where the newest 6 comics are all read, but whenever I click on the feed, even with unread only enabled, it shows all 6 comics.

Typically I have these feeds set to “oldest first” but thats meaning I have to scroll past every old, already read, story each time a new story comes up, so I’ve set them to “newest first” for the time being, but this is getting somewhat frustrating.

I’ve also been having this issue. Not on many sites and not on a large scale but I have observed it happening.

Example, in the sites panel this shows as having no unread items (“Waiting” and “Emotional”. When I click it, it currently shows two items. They appear as read but the site is set to show only unread items. (There are newer items that I have read that are not listed.)

Another example, there’s one item (Dark Souls - 16) which shows up as read while the site is set to show only unread stories.

It seems to be related items that haven’t been read by the time they are supposed to be automatically marked as read.

I’m having what I think is the same issue with almost all of my sites.  They are all set to show unread/oldest first.  When going to any specific site I have anywhere between 2 and 50+ previously read stories (correctly marked as read) that I have to scroll through before getting to the actual unread stories.  It seems to be the same “ghost” stories that keep showing up for each site.

I just added a new feed (youtube feed) and it default to oldest first, only unread, and yet there are 9 items showing as read stuck at the top of the list.

I just checked and it’s a problem both on web and mobile app.

It seems it clears itself up after some amount of time, the sites I gave as examples “3 weeks ago” are no longer having this issue, not sure when it went away (maybe at the unread time limit for premium users, 30 days, if I had to guess). It’s still quite annoying though.

Still an issue.
Went premium recently, not let any regular item get over 30 days old so I don’t know what happens when it passes the premium limit but I know it was still a problem for non premium.
I did however happen to leave a blurblog item unread for over 30 days. That blurblog now shows as having 1 unread item and when I open it there is an item from 24th of June marked as read still showing despite view being set to only show unread.

Ok, in order for me to fix this I need to know the url of the site as well as your username. And take full browser screenshots so I can see how it looks. 

Well, here’s how it did look.


I noticed however that when I clicked all shared stories instead of the specific blurblog it showed as unread and after I clicked it in there it went away. Might be a separate problem for shared items.

I have marked an old story as unread in hope to trigger this when it passes the 30 day threshold later today, will updated.

EDIT: The old story I had marked unread just got marked read without triggering the issue. Hmm

OK, created a test account which illustrated the issue pretty quickly.
I just registered the account, leonick_test, and added a single site which of course came preloaded with a bunch of unread items. I marked most of the items as read and left a pair that was close to passing the 14 day limit of a free account.

When the two items passed their 14 days the unread counter showed 0 (after a page refresh) but clicking the site there is a long list of seemingly read items despite the view being set to unread only, the most recent items being the ones that just passed the 14 day limit.


Setting it to show oldest first it shows me read items starting at the 5th of July, these items seem to disappear as they cross the 30 day mark.

Considering how items get stuck when passing 14 days and go away when passing 30 days age I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s only a problem for free accounts but still.

This has been happening to me recently on a number of feeds including Ars Technica and Engadget. Is there a fix? I’m using a premium account.

I don’t have exactly the problem as in the initial description but it matches what’s in the other comments. I read blogs daily and every day I get 10-30 items that I had already read the previous days. Some seem to pop up multiple times.

I have this on basically all feeds. One example where it just happened was My user account is lars_francke. I currently don’t have a screenshot but I can take one next time.

Anything else we can provide?

For me this started a few weeks ago, can’t say exactly when, and is pretty annoying.

Next time this happens, please email me at with the feed name, story title, and your username so I can take a look. I’ll have to login to your account and test the feed to see what’s going on.

Was that in response to Lars somewhat different issue of reappearing items or to the original 14+ day old (automatically) marked as read showing in unread view problem? If the latter the account leonick_test should still be showing the and it is only subscribed to one site (listed further up).

Ok, logged in, there were 86 stories. The mark as read date was set to July 5th. So I marked them as read, the date is now set to August 13th, with 0 unread. Let’s see what happens. LMK if it goes back!