Items in feed not showing up in newsblur

I’m not seeing new items showing up in a feed that I know has updated:…

That feed in newsblur (when I select show all) shows only a single item, the “Arcanum Season 1 Issue 1” one. But looking at the raw feed, it’s got 3 items in there.


I’m having this problem with all the feeds on

They pass the RSS validator at so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Still having this problem…


Are the entries very short? Does it look like they are possibly being merged into each other?

They are very short…it’s just a link to that week’s webcomic.

Couple things I just noticed:
* If you sort it by newest first, the items all show up, and they look correct. If you sort it by oldest first, you get no items at all, even if set to show both read and unread.
* In story mode, the story that shows up is the url from the tag for that item, which isn’t actually the comic the item refers to. I don’t know atom/rss schema pretty much at all, but that tag has an isPermaLink=“false” attribute set, which I assume is meant to be a hint that the guid isn’t necessarily the link for the item. The URL in the tag for the item is the correct one.

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My feed in newsblur from my husband’s blurblog frequently stops showing items I know should be there (from previous viewings of the feed). A few days ago, I was reading in “all - oldest” mode, as that seemed to be the most reliable way to get all the items. But that day all the items suddenly disappeared, then in the feed index it said there were 16 new articles, and then when I clicked on the feed those also disappeared and there were no longer any items.

Now I’m seeing exactly the first thing that David_Bonner described in the last comment, both on the iOS app and on the webpage:

  • sorting by newest first / all makes all items show up
  • sorting by oldest first / all had no items suddenly a few days ago, and now has only a few items which are the ones posted since they all disappeared.

My iOS app version is 8.1. Is there a Feedback button on the iOS app? I looked for one but couldn’t find it.

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