Items from Girls with Slingshots -feed instantly open in current window when selected

Hi, recently the GWS-feed (and only this feed) has been having a curious issue. If I browse through either in all stories view or just looking at this particular feed, instead of opening the item up in story mode when I move to it, I move from the Newsblur website to the GWS webpage. This doesn’t happen in feed or text views. I’ve got no idea if they changed something in the feed or webpage or if it’s something to do with Newsblur, but it is rather annoying as it means I have to reopen Newsblur (or at least use the back button in my browser).

Hopefully I’ve explained myself clearly enough, the misbehaving feed’s address is…


The site has added a frame-busting script to prevent it being embedded in other sites. Your best bet is probably to contact them and request that they make an exception for NewsBlur.

Thanks, I’ll be trying that then :slight_smile: