It'd be great to have Youtube v3 API integration so we could view new channel/playlist/subscription videos without struggling

I’d love for Newsblur to have youtube API v3 playlist / subscription page integration.

The v3 API has removed most of the useful RSS links for playlists and subscription pages:…

It would be fantastic to have a “subscription page to newsblur” plugin that returns that old functionality to us, where we could do an oAuth handshake and be able to get our new subscribed items in a “I can’t believe it’s not rss” feed, or dial in a playlist and get new playlist items.


There’s a workaround in the last post here:… but I agree, it would be great to be able to do this with as few middlemen as possible.

Oh, I’ve got … 50 odd individual feeds. It’s just that yogscast has some delightful playlists that alternate between channels and it’s tedious having to subscribe to every single channel *only* for that content.